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BACC Women's & Children Hospital Pvt Limited

At Bangladesh Assisted Conception Center, Women’s & Children Hospital Pvt Limited (BACC), we’ve been delivering exceptional healthcare since our establishment in 2007. Under the visionary leadership of Prof. Firoza Begum, we take pride in offering comprehensive healthcare services tailored to the unique needs of women and children.

Meet the Pioneer in Women’s Health: Prof. Firoza Begum, our esteemed founder, is a pioneer in the field of women’s healthcare. She introduced High Risk Pregnancy services in Bangladesh. She also introduced techniques like amniocentesis for the first time in Bangladesh since 2003, setting new standards for maternal and child health.

Around-the-Clock Care by Compassionate Female Doctors: our dedicated team of female doctors are available 24 hours a day to ensure you receive prompt and caring medical attention whenever you need it.

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About Bacc Hospital

Bangladesh Assisted Conception Center (BACC) Women's and Children Hospital Pvt Limited Your Health, Our Commitment - Since 2007

At BACC Women’s and Children Hospital Pvt Limited, we’re dedicated to delivering top-notch healthcare services, merging expertise with compassion. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re here to guide you on your journey toward optimal health. Explore our website to discover more about our services, our exceptional team, and how we can support you in your healthcare journey. Thank you for considering us as your trusted healthcare partner.

সেবা সমূহ

  • অভিজ্ঞ বিশেষজ্ঞের চিকিৎসা সেবা
  • বিশেষজ্ঞ চিকিৎসক দ্বারা ২৪ ঘন্টা ডেলিভারী, সিজারিয়ান সেকশান সুবিধা
  • ল্যাপারোস্কপিসহ অন্যান্য গাইনী অপারেশন
  • ইনফার্টিলিটি কেয়ার- আই ইউ আই, আই ভি এফ, ইক্সি,
  • ভ্রুণ ও শুক্রাণু অতি হিম তাপমাত্রায় সংরক্ষণ করা
  • ২৪ ঘন্টা ফার্মেসী
  • মা ও শিশুর টিকা দান
  • নবজাতকের জন্য ইনকুবেটর, ভেনটিলেটর এবং অন্যান্য সকল সুবিধাসহ আধুনিক এন,আই,সি,ইউ
  • 4D আলট্রাসনোগ্রাফী, কালার ডপলার, ফেটাল ইকো, পেডিয়াট্রিক ইকো
  • কম্পিউটারাইজড্ পদ্ধতিতে ল্যাবরেটরী পরীক্ষার আধুনিক Machine সমূহ: Immulite-1000, automated hematology analyzer, automated blood gas analyzer, quantitative immunoassay analyzer (point of care test), automated electrolyte analyzer, biochemistry analyzer.

Our Specialized Services


Infertility Treatment

Our advanced techniques, including IVF and IUI, open doors to parenthood for those facing fertility challenges.


Neonatology Service

Our specialized care for newborns ensures a healthy start to life.


High-Risk Pregnancy Care

Prof. Firoza Begum and her team excel in managing high-risk pregnancies, ensuring the well-being of both mother and child.


Laboratory Service

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide accurate and timely test results.


Gynaecology Department

From routine check-ups to advanced procedures, our gynecology department addresses a wide range of women's health needs.

BACC Hospital

69/R, Panthapath (Opposite Bashundhara City Complex), Bangladesh , Dhaka, Bangladesh
Email: bacchospital@gmail.com

Service Hours

24/7 Emergency.  24/7 Pharmacy.